Southern Dance

New Project

Do we still dance as much as before?

The last years I have been searching for (dance) music. Recommendations from grooveshack,, spotify, youtube and more websites and methods has been a great help for finding new genres and artists. But can we dance?

If there is a new “Watafiti Project” it will be filling the Watafiti Music Server with music which will make you dance. Most probably with a tropical flavor.

OK I am “old school” and do not find what I am looking for under “Eastern Vibe” (from Nairobi to Dar). Or “Bongo Flava”, “benga”? swahili music genres which can be found on the web but I understand there is for instance no Spotify (50 million tracks) in swahili speaking countries?. Their absence could be an additional motivation to fill the gap.

Watafiti Music Server

Open source knowledge shared by the heroes of these times. Perhaps the condition for getting things solved.

In the end a lot of technicalities before the Watafiti Music Server was up and running, but so far so good it is still up in the air and running.

Still need to improve some details like a registration form but also adding some old photographs. But the purpose of this all -> Let’s Dance.

Perhaps the basic idea introduced in 1993 to share swahili music on the internet will eventually work out. We should not forget the history of these long running projects. That’s soul.