Muziki Ni Uhuru!


Muziki haina kipimo wala maelezo, kila mtu ana upendo wake kimuziki ndiyo Uhuru wa Muziki. Huwezi kusema Muziki ni Mbaya - Maana ya muziki mbaya ni kwamba wewe binafsi hupendi wimbo. Kwa mtu mingine inaweza kuwa tamu mno. Kilawimbo iliyotungwa Tanzania ni Utamaduni Wa Tanzania. Kufuatana na upendo kimuziki wa watu wengi utamaduni unaelekea upanda moja au nyingine. Nafasi ya kusikia kila aina ya muziki unasaidia kuongeza Uhuru wa Watu kuchagua muziki wao. Karibuni nyumbani kwa Watafiti, sikiliza muziki mbalimbali.  

Our Contact

Karibuni Ofisini or Welcome in our Virtual Office

WATAFITI's office is this website. Our virual presence does not only save you from paying taxi drivers or from sweating trips with the daladala in hot and dusty Dar es Salaam, it also opens up WATAFITI for many artists and supporters who would otherwise be excluded.

The concept of sharing ideas and especially artistic ideas on a public website is still looked at with some reserves or perhaps even suspiciously, see modest progress with or 's difficulties in attracting artists to contribute their compositions without personal lobbying, but times are changing and we are sure that one day there will be an intensive exchange of cultural ideas on WWW.WATAFITI.COM together with becoming a breeding place for innovations of the swahili culture, expanding the impact of the WATAFITI's mission.

You can apply for becoming a MTAFITI and have access to registered sections of our office by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Karibuni and Ahsante
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# RE: Our Contactmwenyewe 2018-07-06 12:09
Tuko Hai Bado?
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# RE: Our ContactLee Chambers 2012-05-19 23:10
Greetings to Bwana Kiki and Watafiti, I am an American musicologist specializing in opera studies (especially the relationship between Africa and opera) who has been in contact previously. You will be pleased to know that I have discussed your project at two academic conferences (one in Wales and one in Texas), it has garnered much interest, and I have been asked to write a paper for inclusion in a book on innovation in African theatre to be published in the UK. I am also currently completing my PhD thesis on opera in Eastern Africa (which includes performances of operas by both Western and African composers), and I would love to include a chapter on _Utenzi Gerezani_. I thank you for all of the wonderful information that you have provided on this website, on, and on You Tube. However, because I want to represent you and your project as fairly as possible, it would be great to be able to speak with as many people involved as possible about their experiences, further resources, progress, and future plans. My e-mail address is , which may be the best mode of communication. I look forward to hearing from you!
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# Permission use of musichuyu tena 2011-10-13 12:08
Dear Sophia TewaIf your documentary is for the purpose of helping drought stricken Kenya and Somalia you can use the ballad of the late Ally Makunguru. However in case you win any prize or reward for you documentary, please let the watafiti receive a fair compensation for using our material. We are a voluntary group struggling to make a difference.We will also like to receive a link to your trailer which we will include in our video library.Please leave a confirmation of agreeing to our conditions on this page, for the necessary transparency within our group.Ahsante Kik van den HeuvelOn 10 Oct 2011, at 16:29, Sophia Tewa wrote:Hello,I am an independent documentary filmmaker based in New York. I am working on a documentary on the effects of the drought in Kenya and at the border of Somalia. Northern regions of Kenya and Somalian refugees suffer food and water shortages due to drought and abnormal rainfall patterns. Our documentary describes the effects of global warming on agricultural livelihoods and food security in Kenya. I filmed it in June and July of this year with the help of the World Food Program and the Red Cross in Kenya. We hope to release it by November.I would love to use the song Maselenge by Watafiti in our documentary, if possible under a gratis license. I think the song works perfectly with the spirit of our story. Please let me know if it's ok with you and the band and how can I start the licensing process. Thank you!I look forward to hearing from you.Best,Sophia
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# RE: Our ContactMsafiri Kafiri 2011-09-18 13:00
Ni kweli huu mtandao mwanana unakufa? Tafadhali tuwasiliane ili tuweze kuboresha mtandao huu ambao kwa maono yangu litakuwa ni jukwaa la kuupa uhai Muziki na Utamaduni wetu kwa ujumla hasa tutapoweza kuwashirikisha watoto (vijana)PS Advertisement Has Been Removed - Watafiti
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# RE: Our ContactLee Chambers 2010-10-21 20:18
Asante sana kwa offisi upepo. Mimi ni Mmarekani ninayesoma Kiswahili na napenda kujifunza kuhusu Afrika ya Mashariki (mke wangu ni Mkenya).I am a musicologist who is interested in learning more about the Utenzi Gerezani project. Some of my current questions are as follows:1. How is the word "opera" being used? Is it entirely sung? In what ways does the project draw from Western opera? In what ways does it draw from utenzi or ngonjera? Is there any influence from theatrical trends throughout sub-Saharan Africa (i.e., the Sahel Opera project, Yoruba folk opera, Ghanaian concert parties)? Is there any influence from Earl Stewart's Al-Inkishafi?2. How is the collaboration being done? Has Bwana Kiki composed all but the final song? Are there other collaborators? What role does Tatunane play? Is the music notated or taught by ear?3. Which media is a part of the production? Babu bibi? Saldo Tekort? If so, where do these fit in the plot? Do any videos exist of the staging?4. What role do the scrap instruments play in the production?I greatly appreciate any response you are able to give me, and I look forward to your response.Tutazu ngumzana baadaye kidogo.
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# Swahili Scrap OperaMtafiti 2010-10-27 08:35
Thank you Lee Chambers for your interest in Watafiti and Utenzi Gerezani. I have forwarded your query to the opera director Cassius Mlewa
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# RE: Our ContactSeif Rengwe 2010-06-14 23:11
Asante sana WATAFITIHapa anaeongea ni Seif rengwe.Hakika nilifurahi sana Kuiona ile >Videoya Tatunane MILkWAY Amsterdam.Hata hivyo nilishangaa kwani kulikuwa hakuna TON.Kwa hivyo kama Mzee Van Heuvel utapata mail hiijaribu kuingaliSalaam toka Dunianiseif rengwe
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# WatafitiKoba 2010-06-21 22:52
Karibu sana SeifUmeshatunga tungo? (bahati mbaya zawadi haitakuwa euro milioni). Karibuni tutatangaza Tunga Tumgo mashindano Rasmi. Kuhusu mambo yetu ya zamani (Milky Way), sijui TON ndio muziki? I have sound on the clip. Kama hupati jaribu youtube
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