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In Africa we do not keep so much records, archives or memoriables of celebrities which can be considered as freedom in the sense that Africa was not much occupied in sorting out "which Art" belongs (belonged) "to whom". This intriguing aspect is also one of the themes of the Swahili Scrap Opera - The search for Eternal Swahili Music - on a continent where no records of individual art works were kept. The victory of the collective over the individual, until the market economy entered the stage and the copyrights of the song called "Malaika" were claimed by two different musicians one from Kenya and one from Tanzania.

As an unfortunate coincidence, the private proprietary rights and a fairer chance for East African musicians to make a decent living became an issue at the same time the internet places the music industry upside down again. Even in the West where private property is sacrate, songs are distributed for free on the internet to attract an audience. Money is made by life shows and copyrights collected from radio stations and bars.

At that time when Tanzanian Artists started to learn the value of private claims on any piece of music, "Watafiti" opened the Open Stage website (2001) - with the intention to mainstream World Music (from East Africa). Since the millenium the accessibility of music from East Africa has dramatically improved and the purpose of the and sites is now more of historical interest and the Watafiti initiative to make swahili music accessible on global scale is "on hold" until East african musicians can make enough money at home and do not fear the world wide web.

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