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bwana-kiki-2001Babu Bibi
bwana-kiki-1982Mzee Koba Shikamoo
video-swahili-coastSwahili Beat
video-teka-majiTeka Maji
tx-seleleka-1984Twibita Yumwi Yumwi (Kihehe)
video-bamboo-water-pipe-docuBallad of the Bamboo
watafiti-ft-marijani-rajabu-1987-3Karibu Tanzania
watafiti-1987-track-5Krezi Kona
tatunane-1990Mapet Mdundiko
watafiti-ft-marijani-rajabu-1987-1Afrika Tumechoka
watafiti-ft-marijani-rajabu-1987-4Msafiri Mdundiko
tx-seleleka-1981Ballad of Ally Makunguru
tx-seleleka-1985Watoto Wetu
wakwavi-tanzania-1986Wakwavi Vocals
tatunane-1989-6Zanzibar Msewe
tatunane-1989-3Masai Loliondo
tatunane-1989Meli Mbeya
tatunane-ft-mwajuma-kitano-1987Furahia Ngoma
tx-seleleka-1985-track2Usinisogelee Original
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Mzee Koba Shikamoo

Mzee Koba Shikamoo play: Mzee Koba Shikamoo


Koba, Weeh Shikamo, Weeh,

Mzee Koba

Nani atakuamukia shikamo

Mzee Koba umri ulioyonao wa Kujiheshimu

Wakati unaviringika na vijana

Shikamo, Shikamo


Oh Heshima, Oh Heshima

Mzee Koba apewe heshima

Heshima, Oh Heshima


Hawa Watoto waachananao




  Mzee KOBA
  play Mzee Koba Shikamoo
Koba, You, May I kiss your feet

You, Mzee Koba

Who will greet you respectfully

Mzee Koba on your age you have to act respectfully

when you are romping around with the boys

Shikamo, Shikamo


Oh Respect, Oh Respect

Mzee Koba should be treated respectfully

Respect, Oh Respect


Do not get mixed up with those kids




Babu Bibi
play: Babu Bibi
  Grandpa Grandma

Pass through your thoughts

Money, Money

Choir Elders where is your culture which is not related with money

We like our traditional dancing

  What is left which has nothing to do with money

Who will entertain us without demanding our money

Where can we go without having to pay money

Look the whole world is already bought with money

Elders let us safeguard our culture to avoid that it becomes money too

Let us keep some entertainment for free

Let’s enjoy the dancers for free

Have a Try to make Love without money

Did you ever experience to swim in the sea for free?

Right now you are breathing…….. fresh

Many examples you can figure out, I Have No Money


If That Is True You Would not Say So

Geld, Geld

Grandma Grandpa I can’t live without money, I have nothing

In this world you won’t get anything anymore, Without Money

Water we are now buying in the shop, Geld Geld

For swimming in the sea we have to pay entrance

You there………, come here, you still have to pay, you still have to pay

What a beautiful Sky

Choir The Sky for sale with Discount