The WATAFITI (Researchers in Kiswahili) is a group of musicians and artists in Tanzania involved in enriching the local culture which uses the Kiswahili language. The Swahili language, originating from the East-african coast, is now the most powerful cultural language for Tanzania and Kenya. An estimate for people using swahili is 50 million in 11 countries.

Dar es Salaam has for the last decades, played a dominant role in the development of the Swahili language and it is not surprising that the WATAFITI was formed in Dar. Some WATAFITI have left the country, proving that "Muziki Ni Njaa" or in other words, that surviving in the country is tuff.

In fact even you will become a MTAFITI as soon as you are actively involved in any of the projects of which some are implemented via this website. While WATAFITI is more like a movement than an organisation, you will not need a membership card to become a MTAFITI, only fresh ideas, artistic qualities and stamina.

We have energized the Swahili culture through music productions and cultural innovations since 1986 and although we are not announced on billboards nor are we "the talk of the town", the impact of WATAFITI in Tanzania is there to stay through its productions and associated artists, who will soon be represented by the third generation of artists.

Roam around our website or join one of the projects, leave your ideas about the destiny of cuture in East Africa on the blog, or just enjoy the (free) music and selected videos.

All public features of the website are accessible from this front page, for restricted sectors of this site please log in with your username and password.

Karibuni sana