Pharrell Williams Ameshindwa Mahakamani

Wimbo "Blurred Lines" Kukopi Marvin Gay (Babu Bibi walishasema)

{jcomments on}Mahakama wa Kimarekani imeamua wimbo wa Pharrall WIlliams na mwenzake Thicke "Blurred Lines" ni copy wa wimbo yake Marvin Gay (1977) "Got to Give it Up"


Matokeo yake:

1. Mawakili watapata kazi ya kutosha na kushiba hasa Marekani

2. Wanamuziki watazidi kushtakiana baadala ya kutunga nyimbo

3. Wasanii wataogopa kuwa na HIT song

4. Labda Kichaa ya Music Industry imekufa hapo hapo na muziki kurudi ilipo toka - kiwanjani (sikiliza maneno wa wimbo wa Babu Bibi)



Youssou N'dour Minister (April 2012)

Youssou N'dour Minister of Culture and Tourism (Senegal, April 2012)

A significant development in the world of Culture is the appointment of the Senegalese musician Youssou N'dour as Minister of Culture and Tourism in Senegal. His status as original African musician has not only earned him global recognition but now even administrative and political cloud. We wish him and all the artists who will without doubt benefit from this opportunity and the cultural development of Senegal all the best in the coming years.

Will this opportunity ever occur in Tanzania, let us start dreaming about who would be the most relevant promoter of Tanzanian Culture?{jcomments on}

Ngoma Pepo

Ngoma Pepo


The supernatural is common and important in the daily life and culture of Tanzania

Not less for musicians and artists

But who will play Ngoma Pepo say 15 years from now? And will there still be spirits in culture if nobody knows how to communicate with them through music or otherwise?
  • how long can the spirits last_reducedhow long can the spirits last_reduced
I am afraid they will leave, jua kali (Msitu InaToweka). Na mji unasogea mnoo, wanaweza kuamua kubaki kama ni wapenzi wa Bongo Flava?

{jcomments on}

Muziki Ni Njaa

About Art and Economics

{jcomments on}"Muziki ni Njaa" sings the rogue rapper in the Swahili (scrap) Opera, or in english something equivalent to "Music is all about money/ surviving". "hata kama ni upuzi kwa mimi naona poa" - even if it is not much what we compose, what to do?

This is a reality any artist has to face not only in Tanzania. The musical genius dreaming of composing a song of eternal value but instead producing "middle of the road" - "ten minute" compositions to make a living. The genius who wrote the song which will never be forgotten, probably fades away in some forgotten corner on this planet. At least that is what happened with most painters whose works sell for millions of dollars after they left this world.

So Where Is the Eternal Swahili Song which will never be forgotten and When Was it Composed, ? Are we composing this type of songs these days? (if ever)

Swahili Scrap Opera

The Swahili (scrap) Opera is a dream since 2003. Like everything in TZ it is a matter of time, to get things done they need to mature, No Quick Fixes. And if the idea has successfully challenged the erosion of time it becomes a hardy survivor like the Watafiti themselves.

We found already one supporter msafiri85 when he comments after watching the interview about the Swahili Scrap Opera


Jamani Watanzania tumeoni hii kweli? Mbona hatuchangii mawazo?

Nadhani ni jambo zuri!


We are welcoming any follower with brighty ideas and hunger for an innovative culture{jcomments on}