Muziki Ni Njaa

About Art and Economics

"Muziki ni Njaa" sings the rogue rapper in the Swahili (scrap) Opera, or in english something equivalent to "Music is all about money/ surviving". "hata kama ni upuzi kwa mimi naona poa" - even if it is not much what we compose, what to do?

This is a reality any artist has to face not only in Tanzania. The musical genius dreaming of composing a song of eternal value but instead producing "middle of the road" - "ten minute" compositions to make a living. The genius who wrote the song which will never be forgotten, probably fades away in some forgotten corner on this planet. At least that is what happened with most painters whose works sell for millions of dollars after they left this world.

So Where Is the Eternal Swahili Song which will never be forgotten and When Was it Composed, ? Are we composing this type of songs these days? (if ever)


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Nipe dakika kumi. Nitakupatia
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